A self-initiated exploration into photo-manipulation. As the title indicates, the theme has a mythological approach by depicting athletes as Greek gods. Research on each deity was conducted to determine the athlete, mood, color, and aesthetic of each illustration. You can view the entire image making process on BEHANCE.

The Athletes(In order of appearance): Michael Jordan as Zeus, Venus Williams as Hera, Kelly Slater as Poseidon, Wayne Gretzky as Dionysus, Marta Vieira da Silva as Artemis, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior as Apollo, Usain Bolt as Hermes, Mariya Abakumova as Athena, Muhammad Ali as Ares, Nadia Comaneci as Aphrodite, Ichiro Suzuki as Hephaestus, Misty May-Treanor as Demeter, and Marshawn Lynch as Hades.













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